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Hand sanitizer misuse dangerous for kids

June 23, 2017

Hand sanitizer, a flu-season must-have for parents desperate to help their sniffle-prone children ward off sickness, can pose some dangers itself if it is misused. The Centers for Disease Control and...

Eat a peach, a near-perfect summertime fruit

June 22, 2017

A juicy peach is a sweet snack that tastes great on a hot summer day, but did you know that it has endless health benefits, too? One medium-sized peach has 50 calories, just point-five grams of fat,...

Microgravity, MRSA and rockets

June 21, 2017

For a while earlier this year, a small sampling of a potentially deadly, antibiotic-resistant superbug occupied a coveted spot in the super-sterile world of the International Space Station, 220 miles...